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Is this the same loser guy who has been hot and cold all along who you found on a dating site who made up every excuse under the sun about why he was on said dating site? If its the same guy, I'd say good riddance. Honestly, why are you bending over backwards for a shmuck who would rather you did all the work in the relationship while he sits back and looks for other girls on a dating site? Don't you feel like you deserve better than that?

What exacly is so special about this guy that you're so afraid of breaking up with him? What's stopping you? He has already lied in the past and the fact that he has ignored you for four whole days doesn't say much about his feelings for you. What's the point of continuing this fake relationship when you are literally getting nothing out of it? You need to stop wasting your time. It"s really sad how many girls on here keep staying in these dead end relationships and/or keep going back with loser ex bfs only to get hurt over and over again. When's it enough? Is it when you're so beat down from the experience that you no longer know who you are anymore? When are you and all of the others on here going to finally draw the line and say I've had enough and I refuse to waste any more of my time and my life with someone who so clearly doesn't care about me?

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