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I used to give my ex a hard time all the time too. And it wasn't because he lied (he didn't) but I would get all over his case about stupid things. I was very young and I thought I had the right to talk to him that way. Well, I married him anyway...and ended up divorcing him. See, the reason I was always on him was because deep down inside, I knew he wasn't right for me, and I wasn't right for him, and I was acting out. I was too immature to stop, and I certainly shouldn't have gone through with marrying him! And we were together 3 years before we got married, so I had plenty of time to end it, but I didn't. Hindsight.

Yes, you decided to get married too soon, and I'm sure you know that. But think about why you're always on him about things that happened in the past. Is it because those things are unacceptable to you? I know I'd have trouble with a guy who lied about having bills just so he could get some money out of me. Or is it because you know you're not ready to marry this man? Or is he just not right for you? Try to find out before you're married with a couple of kids and it's way harder to get out.

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