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we live apart rose, i live just down the road from him.

what happened is i called a counsellor to talk about my concerns and how it was getting me down. they reported it as they was concerned for the 'former' friends life so police called me today and asked to speak to me in private so they took me in a car and quizzed me. we came back to my boyfriend house and he was arrested. i told the police the truth. i thought it would be for his own good hoping the police might sscare him a little bit so he doesnt go ahead with his plan to seriously beat his ex friend up or murder him. his state of mind was in a bad place. he was saying some very disgusting gruesome plans of how he would murder him. his mum came yesterday and he discovered his mum knew about his friend going on holiday (vacation i think other countrys call it) and she didnt tell him for days. he started smashing up his house as usual screaming in his mums face and shouting crying and was very angry. i have been supportive and i always manage to calm him down but it started to take its toll on me i was worried that i only had a few days left with him before he gets arrested for murder or assault. his mum was worried sick too. hes going to hate me for telling the police what i know. we are usually happy since we sorted out all that crap from before we grew closer and i worry we are ruined now and that he will hate me for life. they took my phone too. hes going to hate me more because i called his mum and told her. she has a right to know. needed her help to get him home as he has no money and the police station is miles away from his home so he wouldnt know how to find his way home.

what a mess.
i admit i am an idiot. feelings for him just pulls me back even though its been bad and good. we have been happy since the last ''incident'' just living apart and enjoying the relationship. i did leave him. it took days and days for him to convince me to stay and ALOT of talking. he is showing me that he appreciates me more now and hasnt upset me in ages. obviously still in love , i decided to give it a chance. i do understand where your coming from. you are right. i do feel stupid sometimes. i didnt regret giving it another chance as hes been great towards me and i think he knows now that there wont be a next 'incident'. i am stronger now. i chose to stay because i wanted to not because my mind NEEDS to if that makes sense. no co dependancy issue. i gave it a chance because he realised what he stands to lose so hes been treating me great obviously im going to be happy and think oooo maybe we are finally getting somewhere. it helps alot that we live apart too. i watch this show in the UK and the presenter says ''if the relationships bad , live apart and see if it works as you appreciate eachother more and have personal space when arguments happen''.......its true it has worked for us.

his issue now is STILL with his friend , not me. yes it upsets me seeing him fall apart. my boyfriend did calm down from the last 'incident' with his friend and then was getting on with his life then he discovered that his friend went on holiday (vacation) with his kids and went crazy. it bothers him because he only gets to see them on a weekend and his friend is there for his kids everyday. some jealousy issue i dont know.

i have gone home ,i left him a note. not much more i can do. why should i leave him because hes threatening his friend? yet treating me good. but on the other hand i think but heyyyyyy this guys full of drama and violence is on his mind at moment and was considering killing his friend , the drama i dont need to be around. so its hard when i see it from BOTH sides.

see what happens.

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