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Re: He Married Her
Sep 19, 2011
Sorry Ok you are not happy and you are very hurt by him.
Yes I was very hurt as well - I was more hurt about my being neurotic and irrational.

Believe me, I know how hard it is. I fell because of this. I felt so hurt for a long time. So bad that I called up my ex boyfriend and got jilted by him too and he got married too.. I got married soon later.

Ok, sorry I was telling myself that since everyone got married like this!!!

The thing you need to do is to get rid of this damage. I know it is hard. Know that he is so bad to you as you said you deserve it better. I know it is hard. He should have told you sorry that he moved on...

There has been a void for a year and you could sense that something was fishy. But you trusted him so much that you are so shocked now by his behaviors.

To me, the only way to do this is to keep yourself very very busy - get into a school program; join a trip; see the world, do some charity work, work for more jobs; do some volunteer work at church... Leave the places where they remind you what happened to you and him like the coffee shop and etc.
Get rid of his stuff. Forget about anything relates to him... I know this is not easy.:(

Trust me, time heals. :)And you don't have to ask him to do you any justice.
I know it is still in your mind. It is still in my mind. But try to be positive with other stuff. I have huge problem with my family in values and etc., but I move on.
No one can tell you that you are not worth living. You deserve to live in this world and you should live it positively.

Sorry if I cannot really help you to feel better but it was what happened to me.

Take care,

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