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Please help me.
I dated this guy for basically 3+ years. We started dating in high school and he wasn't really a good boyfiend. He didnt treat me well and everyone saw it... my best friends and my family. But I loved him and we had some fun together and he helped me through a really rough time in my life. But he also disrespected me a lot and made me cry. We didn't date last year while we are at college but talked everyday about everything so we were basically together. So I decided to give him another chance over the summer. And things didnt change. He was saying how we were going to go to the beach and blah blah do stuff and nothing changed.

But we still date as we went off to school this month. He leaves for school and starts not giving me the time of day. Says he is so so busy with lacrosse and school which i believe...but i had to beg for him to talk to me. and then his second night there...A month ago today he gets drunk at a party and makes out with a girl. Not just any girl. A girl he had a thing with last year with whom he hooked up with all the time.

But it gets better. He didnt tell me this. I had to go on his fb (horrible i know) and look at his messages to see he was fb chatting this girl ALL the time. My bf had come to visit me the night before I went on his fb and we had such a good time. But then i confronted him about the fb chatting saying i knew he cheated on me (cuz i saw in the fb messages about hooking up)

and he admitted that he made out with her once. but not only didn't he tell me he did it.
-he didnt tell the girl that me and my bf were dating
-he texted the girl all the time after
-fb chatted the girl all the time after
-hung out with her alone after

and i read the was more than just friendly talk.

so i told my bf i was breaking up and i didnt wanna talk to him

but im having a horrible time. ive never been so depressed in my life. he has been absolutely begging me for another chance. he says he is crazy in love with me and that he has never been so sure of something in his life.

i miss him alot and i cant believe that after 3 years we are over

but ALL of my friends and family are telling me no way does he get a "third chance" and he didnt treat me well before, so why is he going to change now.
My family tells me he is not welcome in their home so they are making it really hard on me pretty much forcing me to not talk to him.

but i feel so horrible that he is begging me and i keep on having to shoot him down.


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