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Okay hun, im so sorry you are having such a hard time with this.. but men are as such, once a cheater usually always a cheater. a wondering eye is a hard sickness to recover from and there is no cure.. except love :) i will say that if he loved you, like REALLY loved you he would not have done it to begin with. but just keep trying to remember that when one door closes most of the time another one opens. you deserve someone that will fully love and appreciate you for who you are. and be glad that you discovered he was a toad BEFORE you messed up and married and had children with him. I did that, i was in a similar situation. my ex-husband treated me really bad, always yelling and we fought, and he was googling my best friend behind my back. i never forgave him, and truth is no matter what he says or does if you give him another chance, you will never fully trust him again. there will always be that little thought in the back of your mind that when he wont answer the phone, or he gets on facebook, or he is a little late getting to your place that he is with someone else.. been there done that... but depression is natural when you have been with someone for so long and then they are gone. honey it hurts and i feel your pain. now as far as the family thing goes my family hated my ex-husband, he wasnt allowed at their house either. and they always told me i could do better. turns out that they were trying to look out for me and i was just not seeing it that way. but you know when i finally got the strength to leave my ex-husband, my family did everything they could to pick me up out of that slump, that depression. and if it wasnt for them, who knows where i would be. But here is your ray of sunshine, even if you dont realize it now, there is a man out there that will love you better, care for you more, hug you tighter, kiss you longer, and make you thank your lucky stars everyday that you let go of the last. trust me, i went through the worst pain of my life leaving my ex-husband, we had been together for 7 years and had a daughter together. I was hopelessly depressed and scared, and lonely. but then i met Harry, and since that day he has been the one that i know loves me for who i am, even when things get hard, or we have problems. my family loves him, and through that i have ended up closer with my family than i have ever been. its nice to be able to go and visit my family and not dread it because when i took my ex-husband there was always a fight, and it was always uncomfortable. but harry just fits in like he has been here all along, and that a very good thing. there is someone like that out there for everyone. so dont let your loser ex hurt you anymore, you deserve to be happy, find that someone that makes you smile, laugh, and love life. and most of the time, when and if someone really loves you and you are their world the family will see it and like them too. good luck honey :) keep your head up :)

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