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Hello. My name is Don and I am new to the forum

I have been dating a girl for a few months. At the beginning when we were still casual her and I attended an art show together. A friend of hers who was one of the featured artists chatted with us for a bit about his work. The guy is very odd and out there and was seemingly gay, but I later found out he is not gay and may just have bi-sexual tendencies. After about an hour it was evident that he took some kind of drug cause he went from being passive and shy to high as a kite.

At one point my girl wanted me to take a pic of the two of them together near his work. As they started walking to the place where they would pose for the shot he leaned in and kissed her on the caught her off guard so she couldnt really do anything bout it. While they were posing he started feeling her up and caressing the side of her face with his lips. It was making her very uncomfortable and pissing me off but she just wanted the photo & went along with it. i was struggling with her camera so this was going on for a few minutes and the whole time he wouldnt stop. So i spoke up and told him what he was doing was inappropriate & to please stop. he laughed and kept doing it. Then my girl got really pissed, jerked backwards and snapped at him and told him to knock it off. pic was taken and the guy walked away and her and I left the show

She basically defended him and said that all her "gay" friends act that way...thinking he was gay at the time. She also socializes with all these free-spirited artsy fartsy types and is probably used to this type of behavior. I was pissed but let it go and didnt make a big deal out of it for fear of sounding jealous and controlling at such an early point in our relationship. also she posted the pic on her facebook so clearly this whole thing didnt bother her as much as it did me

Now every once and a while his name gets brought up and she sorta laughs off that incident and keeps reiterating to me that he is innocent and that I handled the situation perfectly. I basically let it go but it still annoys me thinking about it. Shortly after that evening the guy actually sent me a facebook friend request so I took the high ground and opened up the door to friendship with him. Anyway, havent seen him since but there is a remote possibility of running into him this weekend at a house party. My question is this....if he tries to kiss my girl (who is now my girlfriend and not someone i am just dating casually)or puts his hands on her again what should I do? Do i shove him off her or take him aside to reprimand him or just let her handle it? I am also struggling with something this really my girls fault? i mean she is not uptight & is generally very accepting of peoples quarks and personalities. Should she have been more of a hard a$$ about him touching her in front of me? again she deals with people like this all the time and is something of a socialite.

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