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I know the feeling, I really do. My ex had an emotional affair with his little thang and I believe waited 2 days after our 7 year relationship to jump in bed with her. It hurts, it's gut-wrenching, but it really will get better. Sure, I still have anger and resentment, but I do not feel sick to my stomach anymore when I think of them. You really will start to feel better, BUT you must actively try to distance yourself from him. You need to cut all contact and don't ask for details of his new thing with this girl. I know how much you desire to know, but believe me, when you finally know, it hurts MUCH worse. I also found that whenever I contacted him or contacted a friend to find out about him, I felt 10 times worse! I think severing ties is the #1 biggest move you can make to get over him.

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