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I dont know where to start or how to get out what my problem is so here we go. I am a 24 Y/o Male and i have a girlfriend who is 19 almost 20. We have been together for 3 years and have lived together the biggest part of that time. At first i was completely in love with her. She seemed mature for her age and was great. Well some things come up in her life and she needed a place to live so i let her move in with me in my house shortly after we just started dating. She has since become very jealous with everyone in my life including my mom, sisters, brothers and especially my guy friends. I have no more female friends left she ran them off already. I work 12+ hours a day 6 days a week and she hates that, i make over 100k a year and she wants me to quit my job for a crappy job making nothing. I spend all my free time with her, i almost never have anytime to myself (unless i sneak out). When we go shopping or to any event where there is other women i cant relax at all, she stares me down to make sure i do not look at another female other than her. She does not shop she stares at me and i shop. Then usually when we leave the store or event she mentions every pretty female she seen and accuses me of looking. I do not look really i know better by now. I am a attractive male and maybe that worries her idk?
Anyways i am always treated like i am doing something wrong, always getting questioned about what i did, who i talked to, etc. I have never cheated on her ever. But yet have been accused soooo many times. So when where at home if i get a text other than from her maybe a mom or sibling, she starts asking me who it is and what they want, i cant talk on the phone until i tell her who it is first. If i go to the bathroom i am getting asked what am i doing. If i happen to be working on something in the garage she is sticking her head in the door every 5 min to ask what im doing. If i drive 5 min into town for a errand or anything and then come right back i get at least 7-8 calls before i come home. Im freaking miserable!. She is lazy, doesnt help out with the bills because she said i make too much money for her to help any. If i ask her to help me keep the house clean she says she is not my slave, i dont ask her to do it all just help by cleaning up after herself. She was about 120 pounds when we got together and now she weighs 175-180 and that bothers me. I have tried telling her nicely by suggesting we work out together, i have tried being shallow and mean. it dont work. I always dread having sex with her but i only do it to make her happy. So anyways i got all the reasons to not have her as my girlfriend anymore. But i have been with her so long and i am so used to her being here i cant get rid of her. I been trying for the last 2 years. Every time i get to where i say im gonna dump her she starts being really nice and sucks me back in. When i do actually dump her and she starts packing her things and crying i just get upset and take her back. I cant leave her with my house alone because i almost know she will vandalize everything i got. I just dont have the nerve to get rid of her. Then sometimes i start thinking it is the age difference and maybe i should keep her around and she will mature some soon. I am afraid i will regret dumping her. Damned if i do and Damned if i dont. Any advice would help? How do i finally let go? Should i just ride it out longer? I also know if i ever had a child with her and things didnt work out with us then she would take me to the cleaners thats just how she is. I am worried, depressed, and sick. The only good conversation with her is when she is talking about someone else, she is always in everybody elses business when i could care less what everyone else does. This girl has no ambition, no drive. She grew up rough and dont care to live the same way forever as long as she has a Mcdonalds close by she is happy. I all the time but she hardly eats what i cook she prefers mcdonalds instead, and i am actually a good cook. I grew up rough and poor. Now i make decent money and try to enjoy life without worries. I like to constantly be improving myself, improving my quality of life. At this rate tho i will be dead before i turn 30. . please HELP!

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