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I'm sorry your post kind of got lost in the shuffle. Hope you're still around.

I think in a way, it's really simply a choice that you have to make. Like a food addict at some point has to make the choice to not overeat, or a drunk. You go through rehab, but all that is is teaching you how to choose to not drink. I think some of it can be biological. When a woman has sex with someone, her brain releases a chemical called Oxytocin. Some women I think can get addicted to the level of it their brain releases with a certain man. It could also be self esteem issues. Maybe deep down you don't believe you deserve any better than a man who treats you like this. When you left the father of your first child, you went out and found another man just like him. Why do YOU think you did that?

You need to stop texting him. You just need to choose to not do it. Wrap your mind around the fact that he's no good and behave accordingly, no matter how painful it may be. Choose yourself, and choose your children. Figure out what you need to make that choice, and make it. It won't be anywhere near as easy as I may be making it out to be, but it's your only choice. You know you can't change this guy, you can't fix him, you can't save him, you can't love him into loving you the way you want, and you can't make him want to be someone else. He will always be who he is. So you need to figure out for yourself why you're still in contact with a man who pushed you down in the street and threw a chair at you while you were pregnant (if I'm understanding the time table correctly) and deal with that. That's what's really broken. Good luck.

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