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I am finally going to do it. I need to vent and explain why I am finally going to break up with him. I know a lot of you already think I should have ended it, but I really need the support of a "You can do it" right about now...

I have never broken up with someone; I am always the person being dumped. This explains why I am in horrible relationships for ridiculous amounts of time. I have finally seen the error of my ways and I want out before I invest too much time.

Some background...I met this guy at the school I work at. At first, I was crazy attracted to him. He is older, wiser and 110% more motivated than my ex. He is tall and well-groomed. I guess that is all it takes for me to be really interested in a guy. I find out he is crushing on me and we hit it off. We start hanging out and I soon find he is not all I had hoped he'd be. Instead of ending it within the first few weeks, I decided to be stupid and think, "It will get better", well guess what? It has not gotten better. I am going to list the reasons why I am dumping him:

1. He is incredibly stuck in his ways. What he says goes. Period. If he does not want to do something, he will not do it. At first, I admired this about him. I have been spoiled my whole life and no one ever tells me "no". I liked that he told me "no", I respected him for that. However, he takes "no" to a whole new extreme. He never says "yes" and I am tired of it. I will ask him to go to lunch with me, a movie, whatever and if it is not his favorite place or his cup of tea, he will flat-out refuse. In fact, I just went to a ghost tour last night and I went with a good guy friend, not my boyfriend, because of course, he flat-out refused to go. He will miss out on so many things in life because of this, but it's no longer my problem.

2. He hates more than he likes. "I hate that music, I hate that food, I hate that bar, I hate, I hate, I hate". I am an incredibly open person who LOVES trying new things and this, I cannot accept.

3. He never compliments me. Now, before anyone says this is a ridiculous thing to complain about, think real hard...what woman does not want and need to hear praise and compliments occasionally?? I am not asking for him to sickeningly drool over me, but a, "You look nice today" once in a while would be nice, but I guess that is too hard for him. When I brought this up to him he accused me of fishing for compliments. Wow. Way to turn it around on me...

4. He does not like sex. WHAT MAN DOES NOT LIKE SEX? The cherry on top? He actually admitted that sometimes when we have sex he does not want to and he too afraid to tell me, because I will, "freak out". We see each other, maybe, two days a week. What normal, healthy pair of people would not want to take that small opportunity to have sex? Apparently 2 days a week is too much for him. I am not a sex freak, but this is not OK with me. He never initiates sex, hates sex talk and admits he does not like masturbation. He is the prudest man I have ever met. I have needs and he is not meeting them or even trying to...

5. I am just not, "feeling it". The last time I had a new relationship was with my ex. It was the most amazing time of my life. I literally was on top of the world with happiness and he made me feel desired, beautiful and immensely complete. I want to feel that again and the fact I have not felt that with my BF, is a red flag. It has only been 3 months and we have already sailed right past the "honeymoon period" to the "7 year itch". It is not normal at all for a relationship this new to be this hard.

I am going to break up with him tomorrow. I need to do this with tact, as he works with me. His desk, literally, touches mine and I see him daily. I also do not want to lose out on his friendship. We have fun, it is just not going anywhere. How can I dump him without hurting his pride so I can keep his friendship, while at the same time telling him how he has made me feel??

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