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maybe you aren't expecting enough from a guy before you give yourself to him. If they are showing that little that you are important to them why think they are 'the one'? We tend to attract those with the same level of confidence that we have. It seems like both of you are depending on the other to have enough confidence for the two of you. It doesn't work that way.

I'm asking just for you to think about. I understand the 'common denominator' thing. If you want a guy that is more interested, you need to not give yourself to a guy before a man demonstrated enough interest. Some people will say anything to get what they want...if you know what I mean. In fact many of them will.

You deserve real love, but it has to be demonstrated by genuine interest. Are you unsure what real interest looks like? I can tell you it doesn't look like boredom.

If you spend time doing things that you like for yourself, it will build your confidence in yourself and you will attract guys that are more confident and are less dependent.

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