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All of the details I gave was before me. The point is their relationship was such a f.ckbuddy type even her expectations werent only sex. During this relationship, she had some flirts or other datings whatever.

We can add the second example on this. She's going to a vacation with her friend. She's complaining about her 20 days relationship and accusing her boyfriend with not taking care of their relationship.

She's going to vacation and telling herself that, she will not meet that guy again. However, as she takes a call from him she buys a present for him to meet him again as she go back.

After this, she's kissing another guy in vacation. After turning back, she again tries to make things better with her bf. so how can she kiss any other guy when she thinks that she loves him and accuses him for everything.

these overlapping datings, flirts, relationships etc confused me.

it's not only trust problem as i said before but these things make me upset.

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