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Hi, i am in need of advice. My boyfriend an i have been goin over same issue for months now its affecting our sleep everything. We have been together lil over two uears. Known each other over 30 years an dated way back when.then we borh went our swpwrate waya fot married had kids etc. His wife passed away an they have 12 year old daughter. I still have 16 year old son who i share parenting with. I have gotten close to his daughter an move him with all my heart an feel the same back from him. Weve made the commitment to each other that we want ro be life partners both in late 40s. Howevee our problem is i have a home i love its spacious an more modern than his an its paid foe clear. He has a house that him an his wife shared an she passes in. Needs alot of work an in isolated place.i never shared the home i own with my ex. I have tried cery hard to feel comfortable at his homeaa he wants me to move in an rent my home out. Ive tried all summer. I have a block i cant get past. I dont know if it is his wifes passing here because i did hear all the details regarding that an i think also the condition of the house. He has not kept it up at all. He has a cery good position and has the means to do it jus never did. Ive asked him an his daughter to move in with me. He says he wants to move but wants to wait till she graduates which is a food while. I would be 54. I feel we only have one life an at my age i wana enjoy were im living. I stay most nights with him unless i have my child. So at this point when i come out to spend time with him its a constant battle about us not living together. He feels im being selfish. We moved alot when i was a child an i moved my children several times. I feel that kids adapt to change an i should not have to live somewhere i dont wana be at for another 7 years.. ecen if we were to get another house other than mine would be great jus nit his. It feels to me that im the o ly one with a decision to make he wont budge. Its at his home or thats it. I dont know what to do i kove him enjoy him an his daughter. An the weird thing to me is that the chair her mom died in is in hee bedroom like a shrine. She died of an accidental overdose. His daugbter is depressed an lives stuck in this world of mourning her mom. Which i understand. But its so isolating out there no other kids around she jus lives on the computer. He is very jealous of my home an i hate that. Any advice please.

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