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So i am dating this girl and very happy and i am pretty sure my roommate is jealous of her but not 100% sure.

One instance is that she tried to tell me to be careful with her and she does not even know my girlfriend and had no advice to give after she said that which was weird.
I tried to introduce her to my Girlfriend and she got up and walked away and lied that she had a phone call..and she has yet to meet her.
A few nights back she made a dumb joke that involved my girlfriend which i shrugged off and didn't respond to.
I brought my girlfriend over to my apartment after dinner the other night and as soon as we were through the door my roommate dashed away and hid.
One night she stayed over and in the morning a box from a package of mine was under my girlfriends car wheel.
She considers herself a friend but but the disrespect of people i care about shows otherwise. I could be overlooking all these but it is just kind of disrespectful to my girlfriend and me.

Any ideas?
Yes, here is my idea.

Politely give legal written notice and move out. You are seriously asking for trouble if you don't. Until you can move out only go see your girlfriend at her place or take her on a date. Do not bring her where the roommate lives.

If you stay in this situation you are endangering yourself and your girlfriend.

Your roommate clearly has an interest in you and jealousy. You can't change it and you can't fix it. Just be safe and move on, in a legal manner that won't bite you in the future.

Also in private go to the police station and ask the police to take a written report about the package and tell them you want this in case you have further problems with the roommate before you can get out. Ask for a copy of the report. If they won't do it, ask to speak with the Chief of Police and express your concern.

This isn't something to ignore or play around about. Be safe.
No, it's not kind of disrespectful, it's REALLY disrespectful to your girlfriend. Not to mention sneaky, underhanded and deceitful. Your roommate is trying to chase your girl off. And putting your package under her car wheel, well, that's just kind of nuts. I'd get away from this girl and move out as soon as I could if I were you.

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