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[QUOTE=HolyMoly;4873771]I see you meant all guys. You had me going there... :D

Has there been any reason at all why she wouldn't or shouldn't trust your friends or you? Are these people you should keep in your life? There is nothing wrong with having a drink, but drinking till it is unsafe to drive is trouble waiting to happen. Just think it over as I don't need that info.

What does 'now and then' mean to you? I'm just wondering.

First of all, as an adult you don't need permission from her. But I do think as a married couple that you need to have some heart to hearts about this, and if these are worthwhile people who are true friends, not just drinking & gambling pals influencing you down a bad path, then you need to stand your ground about having people over once in awhile, and make sure that you help arrange an occasional get together that includes her friends and make sure your relationship and home life is not disturbed.

I'm a homebody, and I like my peace and quiet. My spouse likes his friends over, so I accommodate that plus he likes to go out occasionally to listen to music, and I would rather not, so he has a (guy) pal he does that with. If I want to see a movie with a gal Friend I go. There has to be mutual agreement and trust though. Both of us say what we want but ask if the other minds. If she always does what she wants but never ever agrees about what you want, you need to carefully look at why and have some serious discussions.[/QUOTE]
They are all good friends, have been for a long time, even she doesn't mind hanging around or joking with them, so that's certainly not an issue.

I really don't see the point of a "get together" with my friends and hers considering none of them know each other. She and I have our own friends.

Well, I never drink enough to where I pass out or anything, but considering that spending the night would let me spend more time with them, and even just a few beers would technically be considered a DUI, I don't see why it's a big deal just spending a night.

My friends have a poker night every thursday, but I usually go maybe twice a month, and since I don't get off till fairly late or my friends we don't start poker untill around 8, and I usually leave by midnight.

I know I don't need her permission, but I do try to accommodate her feelings, I just wish she would try with mine.

I have tried setting her down and have a "heart to heart" talk, but she doesn't want to. I even asked her about counseling, she doesn't want that either.

Speaking of drinking, the last time she spent the night at her girlfriends house she got super drunk and passed out, I've never done that while at my guy friends house.

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