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Alright there is a female coworker of mine who I work right next too for 3-4 months and I really was into to her. She is very flirtatous and will intentionally make a guy jealous if she wants too. When the job first started I thought she like me based on all the signals and stuff so I asked her on a date and she said " I don't go on dates" I was like fine cool, but she did not stop flirting and teasing with me ( She is gorgeous, used to having guys at her beck and call) and she talked about dating this other in guy infront of me when she turned me down. So I ingnored her a bit and she goes crazy trying to get my attention. We finally have a talk and she like I am sorry for doing that and leading you on and I don't like leading people on. I am like fine so it is friendly but then she starts showing more interest in me and we start sexting and she shows me sexy pictures. I feel like she always had me on my toes trying to make me jealous. We have been out alot for lunch and a couple of times after work. Everytime I felt like I was getting close she would pull back and had me panting for more. Well basically I have gotten jealous (stupid of me) and I have send some mean things to her because she is always talking about this guy in californa ( this guy treats her like garbage) infront of me and I feel like she does it in order to make me jealous but she says she doesn't ( Its the way she talks about him. I sent her something mean 3 weeks ago and she blew up on twitter about it and she indirectly stated that I was going to have to "earn back her trust, and for now we are just friends" and I couldn't do some of things I could do before" even though this other guy in calofrina has done alot worse to her. He never called her on her birthday, he doesn't even care about her and she is pressed about him. I got her a gift on her birthday. She would always tell me she was confused and I should expect anything, she would always says this to me but did not want me to back off but she told all of my "coworkers she was really attracted to me". On friday she announced that she was no longer confused and she wanted this guy who treats her like garbage who lives in califrona to be her boyfriend and she couldn't stop on talking about him infront of me like " what should I text him" "I don't want to drive him away" "I know what I want" On this day I stopped giving her attention and she is likes what is wrong. I have been going cold on her for the past 2 weeks and she always tries to talk to me or get really friendly or lure me back in and she is always trying to make me jealous by talking about some other guy she is seeing. She got crazy on thursday and sort of blew up in the office and said I was being immature and not considerate and I acted like she did something really bad to me and that I should take rejection so personally. I gave her the serious ax then and said that we should just have a strictly proffessional relationship. She really did not get the message and on friday she was acting like I was her friend. Well basically I am tired of her and I work right next to her for 9 hours each day and she goes crazy when I ingnore her. I have learned alot of lessons from this sisuation and I would never let this happen to me again. She has some serious issues and she likes toying with peoples emotions either conciously or unconciously. I got played because I have never have done anything with a girl(I am 23)and I thought i was getting close. My emotions were being switched on and off like a light switch.

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