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My girlfriend has ALWAYS tended to have a temper to over react or take things WAY too seriously. my friends thought i should have left her a while ago but i simply couldnt because of how happy i knew we can be, but the problem is we keep having little arguements that turn into HUGE things because honestly she can never admit to anything or say she is sorry for over reacting. she AWLWAYS over reacts about anything negative and drags it on horribly.
today i was in class and i dont get service to text in there. my phone notified me that it was on low battery so i put it on silent for some reason in case it went off, simply just to save as much battery as i could in order to have it in case i NEEDED it later. turns out i leave school with my girlfriend get in my car and literally 2 minutes later i have 4 missed calls from her because my phone was on silent. i answered the 5th and she blew up on me saying im not reliable and i dont listen because she told me to not put it on silent anymore so she can get a hold of me. the thing is she was driving RIGHT BEHIND ME. she hung up on me and we ended up driving to her house where she locked me outside in the rain for 20 minutes.. i sat there waiting for her to open the door. she finally did and we went upstairs. at this point i have been fed up with her treating me like **** like a ragdoll and like im on a leash. i got inside and said "why did you do that??? i would never lock you outside like that!..." we went to her room and i tried to talk calmly to her. i tried to tell her why i put my phone on silent and all she could say was "you arent sorry, you dont mean it because you keep screwing up". the thing is i was sorry and i continued to tell her that no one is perfect, i will not be perfect but that i knew that i was more than good enough for her. i said i was just so fed up with the stuff going on that i couldnt stop bringing stuff up. i told her my feelings and my feelings were that i felt she was treating me like ****. i said "i tell you i love you , i do anything for you, i do cute things, buy you stuff, take you anywhere, surprise you sometimes, etc. WHAT have you done in return?!" she ended up getting so upset she took everything out of her room that had to do with me. she said we were done and i was like no we are not. we never are and i'm not letting that happen. she continued to cry (because she realized how i truly felt back for once for how she treated me) and i tried to stop her i put my hands on her arms and she just wouldnt stop to look at me and take anything face to face or eye to eye. she said something that i dont remember that just threw me off the hook SO bad that i grabbed her firmly but then let go quickly and stormed out of her room. she started BALLING so hard because she thought i was being abusive. the reason i grabbed her like that is because she said "you are acting just like him" which meant i was acting like her ex who was physically abusive and cheated on her. i am a down to earth person sincerely and would NEVER abuse anyone or hurt anyone physically over anger. i simply got so frustrated at her that i tensed up and squeezed her wrists like "UGH I GIVE UP!" type of thing, a little then let go quickly and she thought i threw her, literally. i told her i didnt throw her whatsoever and that my emotions just got the best of me. she ended up calling a friend to come over and get her right in front of me because she "didnt feel safe around me anymore" but i literally did NOTHING to make her feel that way. she over reacted HORRIBLY. she has had a tendency to over react about EVERYTHING no matter what is is and take it way too seriously.

am i at wrong for getting so mad this one time finally? do i have the right to be upset now? will a counselor help us?

i want to be happy and i want her to have confidence in what i tell her. i want her to believe me when i say i love her or believe me when i say im sorry for something. i want her to say i love you back to me. thats all i ever asked of her but she said she doesnt because of what ive been doing lately which is literally nothing. ive helped her with her school work, ordered car parts for her, helped her feel better on her period, got stuff for her and honestly about 20 other things i did for her ranging from buying her ear rings to literally obeying everything she told me to do. i made sure i didnt dissapoint her. we never argued but she made it sound like ive been doing so much wrong but i really havent at all.... i even set goals for myself to let things go and to just be an angel to her while she was on her period and she said i wasnt.

what is wrong with us? why cant we ever give eachother a hug and make things okay? i always admit to being wrong i always am first to put things behind and i am always the one that wants to cry into her shoulder even when she is 100% at fault because i just want to stop fighting and be with the person i love. i love her more than my own family.

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