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Just to give a short background, I haven't dated a lot in my life. I had a bad break up 5 months ago, I think I handled it in a really healthy way and gave myself time to grieve, saw my therapist when needed and went through the whole process. I started slowly dating someone two months ago while dating others casually, now for the last few weeks it's just been the two of us and we are both falling fast. I'm being a bit cautious because I just got out of a relationship, but at the same time this guy just seems so right, that person I used to daydream about, but didn't know actually existed.
The current problem is that he has a sexual issue, I really want to work through it together, letting him know that I am ok with where we are and that I am there for him. He is open to it and will talk to me about it, which I know is really hard for him. The actual problem is that it seems to be coming out in different areas of the relationship. Like when I know he is feeling insecure about it he will lash out about me still having feelings for my ex or that I don't find him attractive. I understand why he is doing it, I'm just starting to wonder how to handle it because it can't continue this way. I am really into him, but not sure if I have the emotional energy this early on to deal with this or if this is just something we have to get past and it will go away.
Any advice? Is there a way that I can talk to him about this or call him on it when I know that it is happening and still let him know that I am sensitive to his issue?

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