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Yes, she's the one who kissed another man, broke your trust, promised to break off contact and then continued an emotional affair with him, especially after he moved a 5 minute walk away. It seems to me she's done way more damage to the marriage than you have.

BUT...if you're going to fix the marriage, it's not important to assign blame. It's important to put it back together again. It seems to me the thing you need to do now is give her a little space. Quite spying on her, checking up on her. You already know what she's up to. The ball's in her court to decide whether she wants to stop it and work on her marriage, or keep messing with this man and end the marriage. But you have some decisions to make as well. Think long and hard about what you really want and need out of a marriage. And is this woman really the woman to give it to you? Take some time to think things through. Keep in mind, you can't make her love you if she just doesn't.

Also, she needs to be willing to go see a doctor to make sure her hormone balance is right. It seems this whole thing started with her last pregnancy. She could be suffering from post partum depression of some kind, which could be contributing to her confusion and feelings of dissatisfaction and unhappiness.

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