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look up BPD, borderline personality stems from abandonment issues. I discovered an ex had it when i started coming here and researching anger management.
your BF sounds like he has this and there is no cure, no fix.....please do not expose your child to this anymore......this is a very serious personality disorder. That aside, even without saying that, this is a very unhealthy relationship, and an unhealthy environment for your child to be in. Your son deserves better. You will find a way. saying you won't have a sitter is just an excuse. what if he hurts your son someday? then what? and trust me, he IS capable of it.....if only just to hurt you.....
he's manipulative and controlling and you're falling right into it.
stop making excuses for him, your life and your childs future depend on it.
Hello, your relationship sounds very similar to mine, very different circumstances, but the way my partner reacts to things that upset or stress him out, is very much the same. He has called me every name you can think of, punched walls, smashed glasses, slapped, kicked, bitten, choked, punched me, and it always seems to get blamed on me, that if I didn't upset him I he wouldn't react this way, I am constantly compared to his ex, either I am not good like her, she was better at this or that, or I am exactly the same as her and he may as well have stayed with her. I have tried to explain to him that it is very normal to get upset, stressed and angry but the way he expresses these emotions has to change, and it is something that only he can work on, nobody else can help him, and he has to accept that he has an anger management problem before he can seek help for this. Perhaps you could try telling your fiance this. I am very sorry for the hard time you are going through, and I can also empathise because when things are good, we are so perfect together, but when one little thing upsets him, whether it be him imagining I looked at another male, to something as ridiculous as bad traffic, he will flip out and cannot control himself. I have never tried to leave or even threatened to leave, in fact the opposite, possibly because I am too scared to lose him.

I wish you all the best and I hope your partner can find the help he needs.

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