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i know what you mean, but when he doesnt have them were still okay it just hes a little more irritable..i just want to be happy with him and be able to go out and grab some drinks with our friends without him getting jealous or mad over something stupid, last time he was following me around in my ear saying "the next guy you talk to im gunna punch in the face" because i was talking to someone i went to school with years ago(that apparently thought i was attractive) that he doesnt like, so i had to leave out of fear that one of my friends was going to get hit in the face..he continued to follow me all the way home saying im a "piece of shit" and "his ex was better then me" and "he was going to call her and go cheat on me with her" and all this other bull....then the next day im upset with him cause of the way he overreacts and he makes me feel like its all my fault and kindof like i deserve what i got because i "shouldnt be talking to ANY other guys, friend or not" ...his father left him when he was young so he has really bad abandonment issues, he always says he acts that way cause hes afraid im going to leave him like his father did, but i mean i left my whole life for him and moved and started all over for him and he STILL has doubts...i dont know what else to do to prove to him...

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