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i need some advice, someone please help!!!!!!! i live with my fiance ive known now for about 12 years and we just reconnected a few months ago while i was visiting my hometown on vacation, a so i packed up all my things i had 900 miles away(including my 1 1/2 yr old son) and moved back to my hometown to be with him. Everything was fine, he proposed to me and we were happy as ever. I seen the way he treated his mother, he was controlling and so mean to her, if she didnt do what he said he would throw a fit and lash out at her calling her names and punching holes in her wall. I didnt think he would start doing it to be but he did...If one of my guy friends texts me (that he knows also cause we all went to school together) or if i want to go out with my girlfriends or guy friends for a few drinks or anything to catch up with my friends i havent seen in years he FLIPPS OUT! Hes pushed me down on the ground numerous times to the point where i had bruises all over my legs and arms from him grabbing me, he throws things, punches holes in the walls, he took the ID out of my wallet so i couldnt go out, he took all my money out of my wallet and spends it so i have no money to go out, he calls me horrible names, threatens to call his ex girlfriend, constantly compares me to her(tells me im just like her and he should have just stayed with her) which triggers me and i get irate, he threatens hes not going to watch my son while i go to work anymore(then i stress out cause i feel i may lose my job because i dont have a babysitter).. im not going to lie ive slapped him in the face before cause i try to ignore him but he follows me around pushing my buttons and nagging at me, i try ignoring him but i think it makes it worse! I left where i was living 900 miles away, sold my car for a plane ticket and money to live on until i found a job and started a whole new live back in my hometown just to be with him, i dont know what else to do to prove to him i dont want anyone else.Ive packed my things up and left 3 times already and threatened to leave him if he doesnt change, he always says hes sorry and to give him another chance so i do. I dont want my son to be effected by my relationship, and when i do leave his mother gets really upset and says "im the only one that knows how to deal with his issues" and i like to think i know how to deal with it but i really dont! its emotionally straining me and triggers my anxiety really bad! Hes not like this all the time, only when something happens(usually with a male) and it triggers him, when were not fighting hes great to me and were really happy. Please any advice will help, i want to help him and i want us to be happy..please helppp

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