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[QUOTE=MyJoyAsa;4882453]This may sound nuts to you but if all you want is the girlfriend experience, maybe going to a movie, out to eat, a kiss goodnight at the door....why are you rejecting the idea of going out with someone a bit older? I agree 50 is a bit far out of range but you're almost 30. Would going out with a 40 year old woman for this experience really be that horrible of an idea?

I'm talking only about the idea of practice. The idea of saying 'hey, let's spend the afternoon at the mall seeing a movie instead of sitting at home'. And it's true that it will take some cash, but doesn't have to be expensive to just get out in the world. There are a lot of nice, reasonably attractive, older woman who -- if you took the time to meet them casually and discuss your situation -- might be more than willing to spend some time with you in a social yet non threatening way.

Yes, it would take your being a bit brave to do this. And you'd have to make sure the woman understood you were just looking for friendship. But if you think of it as a mentoring experience, I don't see why it's not something to consider.

And I completely agree romantic relationship are a want, not a need. But like any other want that's fufilled in a positive way, it can be wonderful. But along with the good, it can be very, very bad at times. So there are minefields out there. Don't think that by missing out on this up to this point in your life, you are being totally ripped off by life. You might have just saved yourself a lot of grief. Sad, but true.[/QUOTE]

I would be up to practice with any woman up to like 50, older than that and I don't think they would have enough in common with me. It's amazing you came up with this idea because I had this same idea months ago. Except I was going to pay women to practice dating with me. Can you give me some ideas how to do your plan. Something always stops me, it's when and how of approaching any woman, I can't figure it out. Going up to them makes me feel like I'm being creepy. I get nervous and run out things to say very quickly, or I might freeze. I need someone else to figure this out because I don't know where the line is. I know I practically ignore women, but it's only because I don't know the line between flirting and being creepy. Even in movies, when I seen a guy trying to get a girl it always seemed like he was being way too creepy. I don't know if creepy is the right word for it, but it's the best I can do. I'd love to start with compliments, but I've never done that before.

Maybe I could post a list and you could tell me what is good or weird.

To me, if a woman made this plan instead of me, I would have enough confidence to go through with it. You guys have a much better idea of what to say than me. I'm really just looking for the way to start a conversation that could lead to what you said. Would women be into helping me for free, they're usually busy enough. I also worry about what happens if I approach a married woman, her husband could be there and I'm not looking for a fistfight, does that happen often.

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