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[QUOTE=frisbeefreak;4883920]See all you guys need is time. it will turn out OK, don't beat yourself up over it. Take this time to work on you instead.[/QUOTE]

But the thing is, sunday night, he almost had his mind made up that he doesn't deserve me and deserves to be alone forever, and is awful and beats him self up for it like every day when he cheated. You know what really makes me angry? His "therapist' told him "if you cheated you'll very most likely do it again, I am pretty pretty sure"
Isn't it true if the cheater feels like crap and so horrible that they most likely WON'T? I know a lot of low-lifes that cheat all the time and are like "man I don't care it wasn't a big deal"

He thinks he'll hurt me again, he said "what if we get into a really big fight and I do something bad..."

He doesn't believe he makes me happy. WHAT do I have to do to prove it to him? I've tried everything. I came to his house yesterday, we hugged for like 20 mins and I was crying saying "I love you, if you didn't truly make me happy I wouldn't be here right now hugging you, I need you, I can't wait for our future' and he said "do something for me? Give me some time, please.."
He's just being so cold to me, it's awful, my best friend isn't around right now, my love. You know? He's not himself because he's just ah! And blah!

I'm too scared if I give him time that he'll have too much alone time and be like "she's too good for me" and leave.

I told him so much! What I just wrote that it's a GOOD THING he feels awful about what he did to me, because he most likely would never even think about doing that again. And that I'm sorry I act like an immature little kid when I can't see him whenever I want.
He took to heart some things I said and sunday was like "I'm not your "ideal" boyfriend, you even said it "my perfect partner would do this or that" I told him I didn't mean that. I do say stupid stuff when I'm mad or sad.

I'm just texting him so many positive things, should I keep doing that? Like "you are good enough for me, all you have to do is show it and stop being so cold and distant because I KNOW that isn't the real you, I don't love the "idea of you" I love YOU for YOU! Sure you anger me sometimes, but if we were perfect and completely similar we'd be bored, we are opposites and that's what makes us interesting, our differences compliment each other. I promise to not say things I don't mean when I'm angry, I promise. This is really scary right now with us, even though you don't think I cause our fights I feel I do because I get mad for no reason, I know I have to stop and will so we NEVER get like this again"

And I told him, hey if you cheat again, then you'll cheat. And we'll just have to be done. If we fight so bad and too much again, then we will, and will have to let each other go. But not now! Not when so much love is left.

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