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No, no he doesn't. I was talking about myself, weird I realized but yeah, me, not another girl (I hope). I feel like I'm wasting my time now talking about all of this since today he is like "I need to spend time with my friends and family and think, ah I'm just confused".
He is probably the most confusing person, I just don't know, but I fell in love with him so now I'm stuck, kind of.
We were awesome all of October. But I was still terrified and uneasy about him. I know facebook is dumb, but I can't even enjoy going on it anymore and talk to friends, I get severe anxiety because of everything, you find out so much from that site.

I can't stop texting him, he's ignored me for hours, but that's me, a stalker probably and am texting him so much to tell him we're going to be okay.

Because if I don't text him, I'm almost 100 percent sure he'll think I don't care. Two really insecure people, that's us.

I really hope I'm not wasting time talking about all this, what if tomorrow he just says "I need more time to think" when I see him or talk. Or I'll convince him so much, he'll just agree to stay with me, then we have problems later because he really wasn't okay with me the day I convince him, it's happened every time before. But I thought this time was different.

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