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Hello, here I am back again to this wonderful community for advice.
I recently posted this: (for a little background on my relationship).

I recently busted (hacked phone) my boyfriend sexting other girls (4 of them) & "meeting up with them" (he says "just hanging out"). I have been feeling every emotion in the book about this. He says he did it because he was unhappy... instead of coming to me and working through things. Now, his unhappiness was "due to our crappy apartment" and HIM not having time to hang out with me (which lead me to be unhappy with him). He says he sexted (naked pics of him and her) out of selfishness to make himself feel better. None of which makes any sense to me. I have now realized how selfish he has always been, and was always the root to our little arguments.

He's sorry wants to work through things. I fell like if he cracked under that LITTLE pressure what will happen if things are worse??? He is still at my place, still acting normal, still keeping busy doing his hobbies, and I am stuck thinking and thinking.

I know I am better then this, I don't to be with a man like that. But I love him and want to work things out.

In the past I have always though he was a little emotionally abusive towards me. But with all this bullshit I am wondering if I was towards him???? But I have always been there for him, never put him down and treated him like gold.
Its to the point where I am looking for my mistakes to make him do that and its wearing me down.

What the hell am I thinking?
Why am I even considering staying with him.... because I love him?!
Am I wrong in any way????
How does he deserve another chance when he doesn't even deserve me?
Has anyone been through a cheating relationship????

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