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Re: How to cope
Nov 26, 2011
[QUOTE=Tiffany2011;4885366]Me and my boyfriend been together 2 yyears since sept 09 he and e recently split up back in august of 11 for a month he was messing with another female and she is now pregnant by him...him and I are now back together and she dislikes me so she won't let me have anything to do with her or the baby when it's born she threatened to put my boyfriend on child support and everything cause were devastates me that he recently started goin around her and spending time with her she's only 14 weeks and I don't know how to Cope with it he has been hidin his phone ever since they started bein civil with each other again and all I do is hurt I try so hard o be there for him and it's like he dnt want it...idk what I should do ever since the baby has been in the picture it's like I'm not appreciated I love him with all my heart and I would do anything in this world for him and the baby...I feel stressed and depressed constantly everyday because of this I mean I would do anything in this world for them we had a really strong relationship until she started fussin because him and I are together he tells me he ain't gonna leave me that it was a mistake when he left me before but idk what to do please help???[/QUOTE]

Definitely sounds like your going through a rough time. But considering the fact that hes back with you and him saying that he won't leave you, shows that he has feelings for you. Or he could simply be lying. I honestly think you should break up with him and not be apart of his life anymore. Usually I would say that you should make your boyfriend stop having communications with his ex but I wouldn't want his ex to make him pay for child support. There's no easy choice in this situation, but the most beneficial one is to desert him and just embrace all the depression that this choice will cause. You'll get over it, trust me. Don't let your boyfriends ex bring you down, I'm sure your stronger than that. Get some self-respect and move on :). Hope things work out good!!

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