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I did the online dating thing for about 10 years. I think it's a good means to meet people you wouldn' otherwise meet. It works wonders for some, doesn't work at all for others. Everyone's different. But the picture is just one small part of the online dating experience. You don't have to pick good loooking guys. focus more on their profiles, career choice, hobbies, interests, etc. and see what strikes a chord with you there. I would say it's a mistake to actually SHUN good looking men, or men whose pictures look nice. Many times they don't look as nice in person anyway! And of course you exchange emails, phone calls, etc. before you even meet, and then you can have a few casual coffee dates to get to know each other and see if you actually want to really date. I mean, nothing's written in stone. I think the main thing about online dating is to take your time, understand that no matter how great a guy's profile or email exchanges, you don't really know him until you meet him face to face. Take your time, go out with a few different guys and get comfortable with the process. Have fun, be safe, meet in public places, drive yourself and meet him there, don't give out your home address or number, use your cell number if you can, I think that's a little safer.Take your time and enjoy getting to know a few different guys. And a thick skin is a must. If your experience was anything like mine, you'll meet men who just want a bed buddy for the night and if you don't show clear signs that you'll "give it up" on the first or second date, they'll blow you off. Or some guys approach it like fast food dating..."yeah, I'll have a blond, 5'6", size 6, 29 years old, college education but not a know it all, loves football, doesn't mind if I have a poker night," etc etc etc and if you're not immediately exacty what they ordered, they'll send you back to to speak. You can't take any of that personally. You may luck out and meet someone great right away, or you may have to weed through a few jerks to get to a nice guy. It's just one more means to an end. Take your time, don't take it too seriously, be safe, and enjoy the process. Good luck.

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