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Well, thanks to anyone who reads this...I'd really like everyone's opinions here.

First and foremost, I met a guy just two months ago. I thought he was really sexy and my friend told him so, and he came over to dance with me and buy me and her a drink (which I thought was really thoughtful). We hit it off and decided to exchange numbers, meet up a few times to assess familiarity (he's also known to a few of my acquaintances/friends) and go on a hike outside the city after that.

The first night out (a Saturday) we went to a really nice lounge for martinis and some food. Talked and hung out for 4-5 hours. He complimented me and we seemed to get along well. He was smart and articulate. We went dutch, no biggie. My bill was quite a bit more and he barely drank and I don't expect guys to foot the bill. He drove me home after.

Fast forward to Tuesday, and he called me to "check in." I missed the call and so phoned him back when I was aware of it at about 11 pm (he works overnights) and we chatted for a good 20 minutes. He invited me out for the following Saturday, and I agreed. First we were going to get his snake some food, and maybe take a hike somewhere, then he decided he'd rather go to a shooting range and let off some steam, and I thought that sounded great.

So that Saturday, we get there, and he foots the bill. We had an awesome time, and I out-shot him! Awesome right? We then went for a nightcap and had some more food and drinks. Stayed out for about 8 hours total. He drives me home.

Next, we went out mid-week for a hike outside of the city, about 2 hours. Was really nice. We share a passion for nature so that's great. We went to the cutest coffee shop and had coffee and chatted all the time after and in the ride home. He dropped me off.

We decided to attend the Goth/Industrial Night we met at a month prior for its Halloween event, all dressed up. He invited one of his best guy friends, and one of his best girl friend's. I met her for the first time that night. It was pretty good. He's always maintained that they are not each others type, and he even frequently mentions her issues with a guy she's seeing. I've never been overly concerned about any involvement between them. I brought an older female friend of mine to this event, to get her take on him. She said he seemed nice, but her first impression (when he was talking to his girl friend) was that he was a player. At this point, I had been hanging out with him for almost a month, and that was the last word I'd ever use to call him. Anyways, his girl friend ended up leaving, all of a sudden. She was just gone. I was speaking to my lady friend when the guy I've been seeing comes back around, and my friend states "Take her dancing! She wants to dance!" And so we did. Sitting on the side of the dance floor, chatting about whatever, and I got really cozy with him. Keep in mind that I have been seeing him for almost one month, and we'd never even kissed up until this point. I snuggled him, draped my leg and boot over his leg and leaned in to kiss him cause he smelled so yummy and I was really enjoying myself. The night ends an hour or two later, with him dropping me off again. Seeming the gentleman.

We went out the following Saturday to a friend's pumpkin carving event, and had a great time. He drove me home and made plans to hang out on Halloween.

Halloween comes around, and he mentions dressing up in army surplus and hitting the bird sanctuary afterward. It was a great time. He compliments me in the smallest, cutest ways. "I like your blush." The bird sanctuary was the best part and we really enjoyed it. I ended up having to divert a friend's crisis and he drove me there. I mentioned a KMFDM party with wine and candles and dancing, and he said we ought to do it sooner rather than later.

The last few weeks have been a blur, but suffice it to say, we've hung out every Saturday since we met, and often at least once in the week. Dinner, out with friends, etc. We text maybe once or twice a week in between. Like there's no pressure and it's no big deal to me that we don't talk all of the time. We're both busy.

He finally invited me over to his place on November 10. We listened to music, had a few drinks, and became intimate. It didn't seem to be happening too quickly to me, it felt like a natural progression, and I enjoyed it. He drove me to work the afternoon after.

We've still hung out a couple of times a week, and we text really cute and flirty. Then 2 Saturday's ago, he meets a girl friend of mine. She likes him at first. Thinks he's cute, too.

Then we go to a friend's place of his, and all is well. He's flirty and touchy feely with me in front of all of his friends and I go to the bathroom. Now, I can't remember what it is that I heard him say from in there, but when I came out of the bathroom, my girlfriend warned me..."I don't trust him, I think he's playing you". Interesting how two females in my life used the EXACT same word in different circumstances and different times, with barely having known him for an hour or 2.

Ever since that night, things have changed a tad. Like he used to always be on time, if not early, and now, he's late. Sometimes it's only 10 minutes, but once it was a half an hour. I also have this intuition, that although he sends me texts like "you and me should just be wrapped up somewhere warm together all cozy..." or "I wish I could steal you away to a tropical paradise of sun, water, and hedonism..." something just isn't connecting here. He also has stated future plans to go on an over-night hike and stay in the radium hot springs with my best friend and her boyfriend. Like I'm stoked on all these things he wants to do together. We've even discussed a road trip to the States and he made sure I have my passport.

He's also talked about me to some of his friends before I've even met them. Like a couple guys in particular know of my job title and my ancestry. Good signs right??

Then he invited me, this Saturday, to his Company Christmas Party. I of course said yes.

However, fast forward to last night. I basically had a conversation with him that I am not comfortable sleeping together unprotected unless I'm in an exclusive relationship. This was in no way to force or pressure him into a relationship, as I'm cool with how things are...I just know we've been a bit careless in the past, and I'm not comfortable with it if he's sleeping with other people. And so he says to me that he thinks I'm sexy, and he's really attracted to me, but that he doesn't want to label us. I stated that I knew we were seeing each other, but I'm glad that I got the opportunity to see exactly where his head's at. He says we both have the same values, but that we have to trust our gut instincts. Which I take to mean that he doesn't think it's right, at least right now, to enter into a relationship.

I suppose I'm okay with things the way they are, as I'm not in any hurry to be committed. But it just really seemed as though things were awesome, I don't think he does some of this stuff with other girls, and it really seemed promising.

I dunno. Any thoughts??

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