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Thanks for the mature replies.

To Petz: We have talked about this numerous times, every time I have brought it up we have had some terrible fights. My girlfriend is very stubborn and if you tell her that you do not like something she does then she gets angry very quickly :confused: She knows every concern I have about this guy and I have seen some action on her part. But, I believe this is just by her getting closer to me. She often knocks him back when he asks to hang out regularly in order to see me and when we have fought about her closeness to this guy she has brought up that fact. But I do not like the feeling that this guy is constantly asking my girlfriend to do things. We are at a point that the next “talk” about this guy could be our last – she is over talking and fighting about this issue.

Your second option may be taken by me, but not yet. My dilemma is that her contact with this guy has been receding, but only as I get closer. So the trend is that this guy will become less and less in the future. However, my concern is that this behaviour will continue, and I posted this thread because I am worried about the future. I don't want to be in the same relationship 5 years from now competing with this guy. I also hope that he would have a girlfriend by that time! Him getting a girlfriend would be a game changer.

My girlfriend and I are going away for a month in February. Is it bad that I look forward to it partly because he will not be able to contact her on a daily basis? At least I hope he won't.....

To Thisby: I am not sure who pays. She is out with him today to that concert. I know she paid for her ticket but I do not know who will be paying for food etc. I might ask her tonight, but my asking will probably cause another fight because she knows I am suspicious about this guy and any questions I ask have to be very carefully asked. Additionally, I see your point, I often have friends that will just pay for me on occasion and I pay for them on occasion, but all the time is a big no no and I can't imagine my stubborn girlfriend allowing anyone to pay for her like that.

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