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You're the third person in 3 days who has posted about their boyfriend being a "wonderful guy" and then proceeded to list all of the things that "wonderful guy" has been doing that are the farthest thing from "wonderful". At least in your case he isn't beig abusive like the other 2 but he is still not treating you in a way that makes you feel special or loved. That's not wonderful, that's just crappy and I think the sooner you and the others realize this, the more willing you will be to take some action.

If you want to try talking to him about it that's fine, but be prepared for him to either not care about what you're saying, or get angry, or find a way to twist it around to blame you, or something else that won't be what you want to hear. If he does any of those things, at that point you have a decision to make. You're going to have to decide how much more of your time and your life you are willing to waste on a guy who doesn't care about your feelings at all. And just for reference, wonderful guys don't ignore their live in girlfriends. The wonderful guys actually pay attention to their live in girlfriends and they talk to them all the time and they have a normal relationship. Your relationship is not normal and it's not with a wonderful guy so I think you should start thinking of far less favorable adjectives to describe him at this point. I can definitely think of a few!

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