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I don't believe it either, that when you stop looking that it happens. And yea it's annoying when people say it cause it doesn't happen for everyone. However I do think that if you are projecting the same angry attitude to people offline as you have here that it's likely a large part of your problem. I don't think it's wrong for someone to want a relationship, I think it's a pretty natural thing that most people would like to have when they don't. But I also think that many single people look at those in relationships thinking those people are really happy when in fact more often than not there's a lot of turmoil going on behind closed doors that couples don't show the rest of the world.

Relationships are very complicated, even more so when you get older and you're more set in your ways because people always come along who want to change their partner because they think that person needs to be different. It becomes a lot harder to find acceptance and understanding from people. The fact is, finding a true genuine relationship in which both people totally accept each other is really difficult even for people who are better looking, have more money, and more success than those who are average or below average. That's why it's more important for single people to work toward accepting themselves and loving themselves for who they are, either with or without a relationship. Not everyone gets to have someone. It sure beats the alternative, living like a hermit and being closed off to anything new in your life.

It sucks but it's life, which you're right is NOT fair at all for so many reasons. And that's why it's so important to live your life finding things that make you happy and do those things to fill up your time. It can be really fulfilling to be on your own if you give it a chance. You have to be open to new experiences and adventures in order to live life to its fullest while you can. Even if it means spending some times feeling lonely every once in a while.

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