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I have been dating my girlfriend for a year and 2 months. She's trust me more than anyone else in the world and has for awhile. Around 4 or 5 months of dating she told me that she had been raped several months ago( around christmas 2010) She said the man who did it was her adopted step brother who moved away years ago but comes back time to time and makes her do things with her. However, she said that was the first time he actually raped her. I tried to get her to tell her parents or the police and she wouldnt, she said that she did several years ago when he first started touching her and making her do things with her. The police locked him up for awhile but he was let out andnext time he saw her he threatend to kill herif she told again. Anyway, a few months ago she was raped by him again (around september 2011). I amstill trying to get her to tell someone so he will be locked up for good, but she is scared. We know his name and everything and i would tell myself but i am affraid she would deny it to the police when they ask and that wouldnt be good for anyone. What can or should I do? I plan on marrying this girlsomeday, i love her with all my heart and she loves me too but because of him she fears me from time to time. For no reason on my part, the memories just come back and the next thing i know shes in a corner crying because she thinks im going to hurt her. It breaks my heart to see fear like this in her eyes. I want to help her, help me please!! Thankyou!

Oh and makeit more tough I am 19 and her parents hate me, she is 17 and her dad has abused her, she blames herself for what happened, she cuts herself from time to time because of this. Somebody please help me. I cant stand to see her this way, I dont know how to help.

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