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Hey ya'll, I'm new to this thing but I want to give you my situation and see if anyone has any advice. My and my gf of 2+ years have been in a little dispute over the future of our relationship. She feels like I'm not the right guy for her and she feels like she wants a man who can offer more in a relationship then I can. She says that she has not been growing as much as she wanted to, and felt like this relationship has platued. Me on the other hand loves this girl to death and is heartbroken that she has said this. I know I have grown so much as a person through this relationship and no doubt in my mind know we can get through this. The thing is she wants to call it off but I know it can work and I just can't stand the thought of being without her. What bothers me about the whole thing is that I was completly blindsided by the whole thing, we literally have never gotten into a fight like this or let alone a serious fight throughout our whole relationship. I kept trying to explain its not healthy when couples hold their feelings in and dont have those little fights once in a while. What also got me thinking was just that she's having a extremly tough/stressful semester with her college classes and work and everything else. I just feel like she's acting out due to stress and everything else. We just started our winter vacation from school and I won't be able to see her til early Jan becuz we live in diff states. I just dont know what to do because I def wanna be in this relationship and even though she dosn't think she's getting anything out of this relationship anymore I know she is, I see her growing. I was blind sided by all this and hope this winter break will let her relax and think about this. Currently I am just letting her relax and not talking to her but plan to talk it over when we get back. I just don't wanna sit back and lose her though. What's going on with me? Am i out of line for wanting to stick with it and knowing it can work?

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