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I have been with my boyfriend for almost 6 years and we live together. I have been really getting annoyed with him because he has his ex wife take care of all his personal finances. Its really starting to bug me because I live in the same house and feel she should not be doing his bills. She has access to all his personal accounts and everything. I have asked him so many times to take his books back from her. But he has yet to do it. I always get an excuse like, I cant right now. I will by summer, I will by christmas or I trust and like when she does it. Its driving me crazy that he still trusts her this much and will not take them back from her. He also has her as his health care proxy and will not change that to anyone in his family. I just dont want her to be his health care proxy. She hates me with a passion and does not want us together. Another thing that has been bothering me is he wont ask me to marry him. He knows how bad I want to be married so I can start a family. He says he wants to be with me forever, yet he will not commit to me. I dont know what to do anymore. Is this a hopeless relationship? Will he ever let her go? and am I wrong to not want any of this? :confused:

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