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Should I Reach Out?
Dec 30, 2011
Hi Everyone,

VERY upset lately due to my boyfriend who is a newly recovered alcoholic about 6 months now has ceased communication for themeantime.
About a week in change ago he went from us having a great weekend together and speaking that monday evening to the next four days not returning my voicemails/texts or even checking any of his vm which wound up clogging up his phone. He eventually called me last surnday and said how sorry he was for not contacting me.. he said i am shutting everyone out didnt go to his brothers 40th bd and said i am shutting everyone out and need to expand my network and get back to going to his meetings...he had begun to slack off he told me. He kept laboring the fact home that it is not you.. i am feeling weird with everything and need to concentrate on the basics. Hes like i will speak with you soon and see you soon. NOW he left me a text christmas eve wishing me a merry christmas and my family but have not heard from him since.. i respect his wishes but i dont think it is fair for him to shut me completely out and isolate himself.. how could he think it is fair to have me wait for him to call and not expect me to worry about him or be there for him in some way. Now it is ny eve tomorrow night and i am sure it will be very hard for him why is it he has to cut communication now??? Shuld i call him and lay it out that i am not looking to be your therapist but want to be there for you if not in person but over the phone at least.. keep the communication open.. i really care for him!!!! We have only been seeing each other for three months but it is like i have known him forever.. i met his best friend and he thought we are great for each other.. did tell me that his drinking affected a relationship where he had been engaged baclk in 97... he was like he is at a dift place now and he needs direction and to be there for him.. this was a few days before all hell broke loose.. I know he is depressed and anxious and is not eating right.. i want so much to offer some advice but labor the fact that i would be so happy that he consider additional forms of treatment in addition to his AA that he is apart of..

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My boyfriend is 6 months in recovery for Alcoholism and he has ceased normal communication with me for about a week and a half. He had called me the sunday before last after my numerous attempts at contacting him.., wasnt answering his phone.. returning anyones phone calls or texts etc.. he called me but missed me week before last only to say how extremely sorry he is and is not personally shutting me out he is isolating from everyone,.., he is feeling weird, and needs to attend to the basics.. told me he would speak soon and see each other soon but the only other contact since then was a text christmas eve to wish me and my family a merry christmas. i really care about him and know he cares for me but how do i just sit back and wait for him to call me/text me.. i respect his need to find a new way of operating and living but why would he NOT want me to be there in some way as support? Tomorrow is NY Eve and i am more concerned on him being alone.. what should i do??????

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