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Hi i am a newbie and has a very insensitive boyfriend . I need some answers please. My boyfriend seems to care about himself alot of the time. he says he loves me and cares about me a whole lot but whenever we arque or qet into it he always makes it seem like im juss the problem and never wants to understand me and my side of tha story. he always says i have attitudes and he doesnt but he does!!!! whenever i want to play he always has to be rouqh and aggressive, but i told him im a woman you cant play with me like that. whenever i want to be loving & want to always kiss him he acts like its a problem sometimes but i just want to always show him that i do love him and is there to listen . when he wants to , he tends to be more aggressive and iask why cant you be more gentle. hes a very tall and athletic man but he doesnt understand that your to biq, heavy, and strong to play with me like that. and iget anqry sometimes because ive told him that . then he catches an attitude like im wrong. he also can be controlling and demanding at times. he catches attitudes tooo fast over small things and he says i dont understand him but i do but its hard to get him to understand that its thing you do and say that i dot like either. but its always wat he thinks or says but when it comes to me its no , im , wrong , or i dont understand him . he clealry doesnt try to uderstand me whenever i TRY to talk to him. hes a very difficult person to be with at times but i love him a lot . how do i get him to understand where im comin from and get him to understand i get mad and frustrated lime he does? im not thee only one in this relationship sooo why does he act like im such a problem. idont give him any drama , i clean , respects his mother and tries to be the better girlfriend that hes ever had. i do things for him but he acts like im just nothin soetimes , please help ! excuse how ityped too please , my phone does a lot of weird things. thanks for reading :)

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