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I met my boyfriend 5months ago and when I met him I finally said this is the man for me after being single for 5 years I was just dating. I started seeing things that he was doing that didnt look good little did I know that he had anxiety after 2 months when he confessed. The sad thing that when I met him he was the greatest man with me but always under the influence of alcohol! and later on I find out that when he was sober he would transform to a totally different man, grouchy,quite, not lovable,and having mood swings. We have broken up like 10 times in 5months to the point that I dont know what to do ! yea I love him alot because hes a man that likes to hang out with me daily, go out and eat and be out and about with me but I dont get no love affection at all is like if Im with a robot he does tell me he loves me and all he wants to do is be with me but Im miserable, unhappy, and about to let him go . He does seek for help and takes his meds but all this moods swings are driving crazy. He stop drinking !for me because he would really go crazy when he was drunk but again he was outgoing and lovable and wanted to be with me intimately but now he's sober and miserable. I know I can just walk out of this relationship but again I love him alot! Im desperate!and going crazy myself. If he goes back to drinking Ill have a happy affectionate man but an alcoholic:( or if he stays sober I have to deal with his personality.

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