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From your original post it sounds like you can be judgmental and critical of the women you date. It was a bad idea to hound her into giving this information in the first place, because as you can now see, you didn't want to hear this particular truth. But now that's it's all out there, you have two choices, you can get over it or break up. If you don't have it in you to forgive (not that she really did anything wrong) or cut the other person some slack when they do things you don't like, then you'll never manage to have a long term relationship with anyone. Think of it this way, it's not her fault you had some preconceived "rules" around the breakup, it's not her fault you harassed the information out of her, it's not her fault you can't get over it - that's all on you so you just need to let it go or move on, but if you can't let things go, eventually everyone you date will disappoint you in some way.

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