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[QUOTE=NightOwl2012;4922674]I know how you feel, I really do. I had a rough break-up at the same time as you did apx. 5-6 months ago. I struggled with bouts of severe depression and at times felt hopeless. It wasn't until I did a combination of two things that I finally was able to find a way to heal myself. It takes not only cutting off contact with that person but also meeting new people. I started going on dates and making efforts to open myself back up to new people. It wasn't easy, but the healing process finally took off once I did this.

The truth is, I am still undergoing the process, but I feel so much better. I found out she is now engaged to get married. Interestingly enough, she has contacted me several times the past couple weeks. We talked on the phone a few times and it started to get to me. Slowly but surely, when I felt a little depressed, I started thinking about her and I almost sent her an email today. I'm glad I didn't, this thread reminded me why it would have been a bad idea.[/QUOTE]

Hi NightOwl, thanks for your reply.

Sorry to hear you went through a rough break up and about your depression too. Why did you break up?I can't believe she's engaged after only 5/6 months? Why do you think she is back in touch with you? Also, did you seek any help/treatment for your depression?

I realised I was depressed around a month ago. I don't think all my sad feelings are just from heartbreak but also depression. People tell me i should be over my ex because it's been a while but when you're dealing with depression, an illness, it makes it even more difficult.

Going out and meeting people is great, I agree. I did a lot of that over the last few months but not so much in the last month. I met people on my travels a couple months back and we're planning some trips later on this year. A good way to have fun and keep distracted.

I've seen your thread on meeting a new girl. I'm happy for you! Hope you will take the opportunity to enjoy getting to know her.

I'm absolutely nowhere near that stage yet. I have been on dates (not in the last month or so though) and there were three men who caught my interest but I was/still am too heartbroken and sad. Plus, I am somebody who loves her freedom.

I suppose what I need to do is carry on with my life, the hobbies, travelling etc and try to think about my ex less and less, and seek some proper help and treatment to take the edge off feeling so sad.

Keep in touch, let me know how you are doing.

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