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Years ago I started asking for help on this board. I told of my married girlfriend, and of my relationships that followed. I got a ton of good advice which I ignored completely.

So, I was alone for 9 years, 11 months and 22 days. I was so lonely I even tried to get my ex wife back for a short time knowing it would kill me to be with her. I was so alone I felt death was better than loneliness.

I met a woman on the internet who was married and had a 2.5 year affair with her. She would not leave her husband for me and made me feel like a sex toy or a prostitute. I tried to find someone else and the first one I found was mentally challenged and unstable with 4 little kids so I dumped her. Then it was a girl I had dated in jr high school. She was married and left her husband for me. It turned out to be a year of hell. I thought she had gotten therapy and was not going to be abusive again so I went back with her for about 6 months until I realized that therapy was a lie and she was more abusive than ever. She used me horribly and then made me fee like dirt for wanting a little fairness. I had to dump her without creating a ton of drama or have her betray me or do me in. That took a couple months or so. Lucky for me she lives far away and that made it easier to get away from her.

Once I had my stroke my mind changed and I quit caring so much about the drama or trouble and cut ties with her as best I could without giving her an explanation. She didn't need one, a 5 year old should have known it was over, but in the end she got it anyway since she apparently isn't smart enough to put things together without being told.

I began looking yet again for someone and then BOOM! I found her. This woman blew me away with her intelligence, wit, and sweet disposition. I found everything I had ever been looking for in a woman. Well, everything but supermodel looks and she is easy enough on the eyes so that was no big deal. We quickly became inseparable and have been together ever since. We are getting married next month. I have been divorced for 22 years. I never seriously thought about marriage before. I talked about it with my ex, but that was merely an attempt to get her to treat me better and it only made things worse.

But this one is unlike any woman I have ever been with before. She anticipates my needs and takes care of them before I can express them. She never orders me around and has not once tried to change me or make me something I am not. My kids and family love her and she is kind to them. My youngest has even called her mom a couple times. He's 22, but he has adopted her as his mother since he always wanted one and did not have one. Her kids love me and have pretty much adopted me. Her son is 17 and he is rebelling hard against everyone and that has caused some small trouble. But not so much as to scare me off. At any rate, I am her first boyfriend that he has not tried to run off or threaten. He accepts me and that is enough. She is not married and has been divorced long enough for all the drama to die away and gets along reasonably well with her ex husband. Even though they do hate each others guts.

We have everything ready for the wedding. I think she still has to buy her shoes and that is it. I have to pinch myself once in a while. She was worrying that we would not have everything together in time for the wedding, but God has helped us immensely and it has all fell in place like it was meant to happen.

I went from so lonely that I felt I was going to die to so happy that I feel I am going to burst from joy. I finally found the woman for me. The one that makes me complete. The one I don't have to act around. The one that lets me be me and loves me for it. I don't have to edit myself in any way or worry if she will do me wrong or hurt me in any way. She makes time pass so quickly when she is home. Weekends feel like minutes.

So I am going to end my story. I went from wretched to beloved. You've all gotten to see my journey from a man in a 10 year dry spell to a man in love, very nearly married and utterly happy. I guess this is a tale that shows that there is someone out there for everyone. One just has to look hard enough and pray for help.

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