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I have been with my boyfriend for over two years now.

He's not really one to compliment me, and when I come home we talk for maybe 5 minutes and then we each do our own thing. Or well he watches TV for the rest of the night. (This is our everyday routine) Anyway, it hurts when I come home and feels like the TV is more important than I am. I get compliments at work that "I look nice" or whatever from other guys at work more than my own boyfriend. I want those comments to come from him, not someone else.

Also, our sex life has gone down hill. He has been stressed with school and I have been stressed with work so that does play a role. However, no it seems like once a month. I don't exactly have self esteem, so I feel like it's all me. A few months ago, I found recent websites he had been on and videos etc. I wasn't happy when he seemed to be okay looking at that stuff, but not me. It won't discuss anything with me. Communication is his downfall.

Am I being to needy? Do I just need to go with the flow? I used to give him compliments all the time, now I don't even feel like it because he never gives them back.

I am not the perfect girlfriend by any means, but I try my best and I don't want to feel like I am being taken for granted.

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