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Thanx everybody for replying. For those who are saying "you never met her". I would say i met her quite a few times before getting engaged. I got to know her through a common friend, we met few times and quickly fell into love. This all happened when i stayed for 6 months in UK with some of my family members. We both are of Asian origin, but she was born and raised in UK and i was born in States but remained a shuttlecock between UK and states for some reasons. Anyhow now i am settled in States and plan to be there for a long time.

As they say love is blind and you dont need to wait more when you feel you have found the "RIGHT ONE", so we were little quick in making decision of getting engaged. Although we took almost 5 months to discuss idea of getting married. After lot of consideration and discussions, we felt we are right for each other and we went for engagement.

Problem is, i don't regret what happened in past. At that time, it felt the most suitable and right decision. Problems started around 4-5 months after the engagement. Before that we were great, we always had a good time whether it was chatting, video call on skype or telephonic conversation. Probably it was a good time because we were still in excitement phase and had capability to forgo unpleasant things between us.

Ok i admit that based on what i wrote, all of you are giving me a right advice that i should call it off. Saying "i will ruin you etc. etc." is of course a big deal, but she said it once when she was extremely angry, so i will give her benefit of doubt (but won't forget this and will discuss this with her if she really meant it or not) . I want to make sure that i am not taking any step in hurry. Probably i did something wrong somewhere (self evaluation). I can be nagging sometimes, but i am also quick to recognize it and say sorry as soon as i realize that i am going towards nagging. Can you people specify any common mistakes which guys make in relationships and led to break ups? I have no outside affiars and she knows it very well.

I may sound foolish and what i wrote may can not make a sense, but i am in a desperate situation. It's not easy to end a relationship with a person with whom start was so great and you shared great feelings together. Right now, we are not talking for last one week. Probably, i will talk her once more in coming days before taking the final decision.

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