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When we first met he was living in the same apartment with them, and his other son. So the support issue was quite that apparent. I didn't know they weren't contributing then. I thought he was a genuine, gentle, loyal man. But as time went on and these other things became apparent I started thinking something is really wrong here if you can't cut the ties with adult children.

And I want to thank you for your feedback, because it is making me feel I am not off the mark like he wanted me to think I was. He really plays the guilt trip on me saying he doesn't want them to fail and feels like he is abandoning them. Well his ex-wife and the girls parents aren't contributing and I told him he should think about that. Also, he cries poor when he really does have money and tries to use the fact that I make more as a weapon against me, like shaming me into even approaching me about the money.

"I'm sorry but your bf is an idiot for paying for everything for his kids because they will turn into him and mooch off their girlfriends." My best friend said the same exact thing...

I appreciate the response, this is exactly what I need is to know what other people see that aren't emotionally involved in this.

I have a 16 year old who is more responsible than his grown kids.

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