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OK so I have been dating my current girlfriend for almost 9 months now and things are going downhill. I'll start at the beginning and try to keep this short. When I meet her I was also talking to someone else. A few weeks into it she found he text messages and got upset with me. I tried to explain that I told this other girl that I was seeing someone else and all we were was just friends now. Although she was still mad at me we stayed together. About month after that the same girl text me again and once again my girlfriend got mad. Once again I told her nothing happened between us. Again she was mad but we stayed together. Things were fine until she got phone calls and texts from her guy friends and when they come about I feel as it she wants nothing to do with me. There have been times when she was going to bed to only have one of her friends text her and he stays up for an hour or more longer. I confronted her one morning about it and old her that I think she would rather talk to her friends then to talk or spend time with me. We started to argue and she brought up the situation with my friend and I. When that happened I stormed out of the house and sat in my car for a bit. This is where the situation gets worse. I walk back in and told her that maybe it is a good idea if you move out. In a fit of rage she walked up the stairs saying something that got under my skin. So I followed her up the stairs which I knew I shouldn't have. When we got to the kitchen I was trying to talk to her and she would not turn around. I grabbed her arm to turn her around. She pushed me away. After this happened I have a really hard time trying to figure out what I did. I didn't black out but I was not in control of my actions. I then yelled something out at the top of my lungs. She says I said "stop it" but I'm not sure. I then proceed to turn back to the bi-folding door we came through and kicked it off of the hinges. I then stormed past her into the living room and punched a hole in a wood cabinet. After this happened I realized what I did and looked back at her. She was crying in fear. I then didn't say anything and left the house. Now what triggered whatever you want to call my action I want to say that I do have a temper but it has never been like that before. After that we didn't talk much for the next 2 days until she called me one night saying she needed a ride from the bar she was at because her friend was drunk because it was her birthday and was being extremely two faced. She told me to cone get her and not come get her about three times and the last time I was already in my car half way there. After that I didn't hear from her for a few hours. Now because of my actions a few days ago she is still living with me but sleeping in different rooms. I get woken up at three in the morning to her saying sorry that she called me out so many times just to send me back. She then said that even though we are having this issue, I was going to go and get her without asking questions. About four days later she moves into an apartment. After that I have been over to her pace to see her almost everyday for the next few weeks but she had yet to come see me at my place. I may be selfish but if we are supposed to be working this all out shouldn't she have to put forth a little effort? I told her that it seemed like she doesn't want to work this out and she got emotional. She said that she is stressed out from work and all the problems we are having. I talked to her today and asked her if she needed a break from this relationship. She said it might be a good idea. We both don't want to see other people. Right now I'm afraid that I'm going to lose her. I don't want to because I love her with all my heart. Can I get a little advice because I feel like because of my issue, I'm going to lose the best thing to ever come into my life. PLEASE HELP!!!

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