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Thanks again.

I am taking a break from the new girl to clear my head, she understands. She thinks I would be mad to go back with someone like that.

I told my ex that we should stop contact and see how we feel after. She didnt take that very well and told me that she is angry I led her to believe I would forgive her and comeback and that she will no longer keep hope that I will.

I made a mistake by telling her the past few months during our break that I love her, miss her, want to forgive her and be with her...BUT, I did this because it is how I feel and not to lead her on.

Perhaps she realises now that it is really over after thinking I would come running back no matter what she does I have now made a stand and she is finding it hard to accept.

I really dont know what to do. I know the advice here is clear and it is the same elsewhere. I would like to give it another go but now run the risk of losing all I have built up back home and degrading myself.

I have done some reading online about similar situations and things that always pop up:

1. Once a cheater, always a cheater, Once a liar, always a liar. Especially if you take someone back after they will think it is okay to do it again.

2. She only wants me back because she is alone. If it would have worked out with the guy she would not have came running back.

3. If she is really sorry then she would wait as long as it takes for me to forgive her.

4. There are plenty of women out there to be stuck on one who treats you so badly, lies and cheats.

5. To have a one night stand is bad enough, but to meet someone and develop feelings for them, see them and sleep with them on numerous occasions whilst stringing your actual boyfriend along for months and lying to them is worse...

6. There is a chance she just wants me to go back to ruin any new relationship/life that I have built.

That is all for now.

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