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Re: Literally Stuck
Apr 28, 2012
Here's an update if you guys are interested...

How I've been feeling: I would say I'm past the point of crying, and have realized that I am doing this for my own sake. I am hopeful that my life will improve once I move out in a week.

The topic of me leaving came up again last night, which turned into (another) 4 hour conversation. The main points we kept going over were:

-I told him that he has been very misleading. He treats me as a girlfriend, and I took that as him possibly being interested. His response: he treats all his friends who are girls this way. I made it a point that it's misleading. He just says "that's how he is".

-I asked him why would he do physical things with me if he didn't like me?. I said I did it because I liked him, but why did he do it? I told him that since he doesn't have feelings for me, that he did it because he's a guy and that's what guys do. His response: he was offended. "Who hasn't hooked up with their friends..?". I made it a point that I have feelings, which is what makes this different and very one-sided.

-I told him that I'll never be able to move on with my life as long as I live here. He again reiterated that I am "running", and assures me that this will happen again with the next guy. My defense was that I wouldn't be in this situation again since I will not be living with a guy again. He disagrees. He is certain this will happen again, and that I will run, if the guy doesn't like me back. He assures me that he is looking out for my "well-being", and is trying to just help me.

-He was curious to go though my phone last night to see who I've been talking to. I said "well if you're just my friend then why does it matter?". His response: "I'll show you who I've been talking to if you show me who you've been talking to. If we were together, would you still be like this, and not let me see?".
^^I'm completely baffled as to why this topic even came up.

-On that note, he saw a text conversation with a guy that my friends have set me up with. He kept asking questions about who this guy was. The tone he was using was condescending. It wasn't like a friendly "Oh, so who's Paul?". It was more like a "..So this Paul guy.. what's so great about him..?".

-I left the conversation with the conclusion that I am completely confused by this guy, and I just don't understand his motives. I put everything out on the table last night. Everything from: 1) you treat me like a girlfriend but I'm not, 2) I don't want to get attached to a family I'll never be apart of, 3) We've been physical and you know it hurts me, but you don't seem to really care. Everything.

I can honestly say that I don't know what will happen when I leave. The likelihood of us staying friends at this point is very questionable.

My question for you guys is: considering this new conversation, am I just completely in the wrong? My friends who I've talked to have all said the same thing, which is that I need to leave. I am comfortable with my decision, and I agree that it's what's best for me. Can anyone possibly understand or decipher why he would have said any of what he did last night?

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