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first time to this site after searching the internet on how to deal with my "Partner" (in quotation marks because we're in an online relationship and some other details that i will explain)

He lives in England, I live in Australia and I'm constantly busy with school and he doesn't really do anything except game and work.

We met online, on xbox through mutual friends. We're both huge gamers and seemed to have identical personalities and opinions on things and tastes in music etc. so we instantly clicked and started chatting away like no tomorrow and months later he asked if we could be something more, and i felt the same way ( or so i thought) and agreed.

Now that we're together, he's clingy and possessive. I wasn't on xbox for a few days and came online to play something and immediately got told of and was told not to do that again (which annoyed me, i'm very much my own person and don't like being told what to do by someone who isn't an authority figure) He constantly tells me he loves me and misses me and gets annoyed and upset if i don't return the phrases (I am not an affectionate person and im working on dealing with it at the moment but he seems to think its a problem i can cure overnight), if he messages me whilst im sleeping and i don't reply, he gets annoyed and upset. If I talk to one of my male friends in a certain manner he gets annoyed with me.

I am, a very weird and confusing person ;) I am a loner and an introvert. I only have one real life friend, who i see as much as possible (we are extremely close in my standards) I have depression and social anxiety and am not affectionate with people unless its forced upon me (i don't even tell my mother i love her), i'm an animal person through and through. I have a very limited range of emotions and i barely talk to people even when spoken too. I could continue, but these are all problems i'm currently working on. He knows what I am and what i'm like and has previously accepted this, but now that we're in a "relationship" he has expected me to change?

Due to his clingyness and need to be constantly reminded that I "love" him and i miss him and that he expects me to spend every waking moment of my time with him online I am finding myself falling out of love with him. When he messages me on facebook or xbox i dread it, i often make up excuses to ignore him or cut the conversation as short as possible. I feel like I'm walking on eggshells whenever he's online and talking to me and I just want him to be quiet... He talks about owning a business together, kids, marriage etc and we haven't even met! ( We did plan on meeting when I move to england next year though)

I honestly dont know what to do, since we've entered this relationship hes changed so much and i find myself hating/disliking him more and more...But he says that I am one of the only things keeping him here (suicide) and now that he has said this a few times to me I feel like if I say anything or break this off with him I'm responsible for what he may do to himself.

What can I do?

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