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I've been dating my gf for about five months now. We did have our ups and downs but in the end, we both love each other very much. She was the first to tell me that she loves me and she always talks about our future as reluctant as I am to want to discuss about it.

So first off, I'm turning 23 and she is 25. I'm still a student in University and she graduated a while ago in arts from what she tells me. Before she met me, she said that she only had sex with people she loved which was about 3 people and I'm the 4th.

She suffers from severe depression becuase the couple years before me she was in a serious relationship and was pregnant. She had a miscarriage and became suicidal. Her fiance told her to get some help and put her in a ward and promised he'll take her back if shes better but lied. She's been alone for a year I believe before she met me.

When I met her, she was living with a male roomate. She slept in the same bed as him but did not have sex. He always picked her up whenever she needed a ride home or to go somewhere. She told me she hated his guts and he was very unhygenic. She moved in with him two months before she met me. She's been moving around a lot and said that was the sixth place shes moved into in less than a year. She doesnt have much friends either from what I see.

Her roomate did leave for vacation for a month in January and that was when she invited me over a lot. She never told him she was dating me and I hid the couple times in the laundry room when I visited her before he went to work. She said he was the jealous type. She moved out while he was gone and screwed him over. She was not on the lease. She took the bed and he was raging saying that she stole his bed and how she betrayed him.

This is what we fought about the couple times and she cried and cried in sorrow and said she couldn't believe I would think she'd sleep with such a dirty person. I know she did lead him on and made him buy her stuff all the time. She even told me they labelled themselves as gf/bf to see what their friends would say. I snooped through her phone once and I know it was wrong but I found that she was texting other guys while she was living with her roomate so i'm not sure what to believe. The facts seem to point to it all that they had sex but her living conditions also kind of suggests why they would have to. They were living in a government building that's for poor people.

Ever since she's moved in with me in February. She stopped texting other guys and tells me she loves me everyday. I do love her a lot but it's mainly my pride. I told her she can tell me if she slept with him or not, I won't care but if not, I feel like i'm being made a fool out of. I just want to know. She keeps denying it and crying and saying she wants to breakup cause I don't believe her words and says she can't deal with it.

Maybe I'm being too untrustworthy of people becuase afterall this is my first relationship and i'm sometimes immature. After every big fight, it's usually about that and that I'm not being affectionate enough like holding hands in public and touching her more which is why I keep thinking, how could she have survived in another guy's presence without feeling the need for sex if she is like this with me now.

Maybe they had something going on but she realized he wasn't the right person and blocked him out. After all, they were friends before she moved in with him. Like one of those friends you know is there but never talk to before. Whats your opinions?

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